Fierce Look

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Shade: Light
Fierce in 5? You got it, boo! The 5 Minute TYover Fierce Look turns up the volume on your makeup with easy contouring, dramatic eyes, and a gorgeous pout. With 2 Minute TYover as a base, build your look out with Cheek In A Stick in Sexy Hot Flash, and let your eyes smolder with Eyes In A Stick in Blold (black + gold!) and Smack My Fat Lash Mascara. What Lipstick? in Ask For A Raise completes this fierce look in record-breaking time!

Shade selection based on Sculpt In A Stick

  1. ​Once you're all wrapped up with the 2 Minute TYover, ​give your ​Prime Blush Area a swipe with Cheek In A Stick in the hue Sexy Hot Flash ​and dab-dab-dab and blend with your index finger.
  2. Next, go for it with Eyes In A Stick in the shade Blold and apply it to your upper eyelids, into the crease of your eye. Give your eyes a quick dab-dab-dab with your pinky to blend.
  3. Then, swipe on a few coats of Smack My Fat Lash.
  4. Last but certainly not least, grab some What Lipstick? in Ask For A Raise ​and own the room!
  1. Light In A Stick in shade SINsational City
  2. Sculpt In A Stick in shade Light, or Deep
  3. Cheek In A Stick in shade Sexy Hot Flash
  4. Eyes In A Stick in shade Blold
  5. Smack My Fat Lash in shade Le Black
  6. What Lipstick? in shade Ask for a Raise

So easy

Danelleg | Charleston, Illinois


There is no reason not to buy this....and the fresh! I adore every product in this kit. And what I love even more, is that every morning when I am unmotivated I think "eh, I won't do the whole tyover" I decide to do just the contour sticks... and it looks so good I add the rest of the products, and STILL get done in less time than I did back when I used mineral powder makeups! And then I look polished, and walk out the door feeling super confident. I have become a Tyra junkie - the woman knows her makeup!

From just fine... to ABSOLUTELY Fierce and Fabulous!

Danielle Hopper | Travis AFB, California


I normally spend about 20 minutes putting on my makeup. The VERY first time I watched the tutorial on the 5 Minute TYover, I thought... "I can do this!" and I grabbed my 5 Minute Fierce TYover, went to the mirror, and got to WERK! I didn't need to tutorial to show me step by step a second time because it was SOO easy to remember where to put the "lines" from each "In A Stick". I used my middle finger to blend my Sculpt, my ring finger for the Cheek, my index finger for the Light, and my pinkie for the Eyes. Finally I put on the most AMAZING mascara EVER created (that would be the Smack My Fat Lash, OF COURSE!!!!!) and finished with the creamy What Lipstick?, in the color Ask For A Raise. The lipstick lasted ALL day long! You also can't beat the 40% discount you get buying these products together as a set instead of individually! Take my advice and WERK this look anywhere and EVERYWHERE you go!!! You'll turn heads, feel like a supermodel, and certainly be Fierce and Fabulous!!!