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Shade: Light
Boldly glow where no product has taken you before with the 2 Minute TYover in Moonlight. With Light In A Stick in SINsational City (a pearlescent champagne) and Sculpt In A Stick in a shade of your choice, this 2 Minute TYover makes it a cinch to contour and highlight your best features — no brushes required. Trust us: Moonlight is outta this world.

Save 30% when you buy this duo. Retail Value: $50.

Shade based on Sculpt In A Stick

  1. Find your Prime Contour and Highlight Areas.
  2. Starting at your cheekbone near the center of your ear, swipe Sculpt In A Stick along the line of your Prime Contour Area. Blend.
  3. Apply Light In A Stick directly on top of your cheekbone along your Prime Highlight Area. Blend.

Contour like a pro

Lacey | Charleston, Illinois


I have a round, fat face...zero cheek bones...I used this product for a week and it's amazing what a difference this makes! I can make my face look slimmer and my double chin basically disappear. I am definitely not a makeup pro or anyone who is even considered very good at this. I've never contoured before this product and yet, I get professional looking results every time...in only about 2 minutes!! Easy and breezy!

Blends Like A Dream!

Michelinne | Las Vegas, Nevada


I received this about a month ago, & I really wanted to use this for awhile before reviewing the product. And I'm really glad I did! I'm not one to use it one time and then automatically fall in love with it. It takes awhile for me to play with the product and get used to how to apply it. These products blend like a dream! They're very smooth and blendable. I apply it using my Beauty Blender and just pressing the product on my face. The contour is very natural and you really don't need much because of how pigmented it is. The same goes for the highlighter. What more can you ask for? They're blendable, smooth, easy to apply, highly pigmented, etc. The highlighter isn't too overwhelming either. It gives a very natural dewy glow on the skin. I want to say it's comparable to Benefit's Watts Up stick highlighter, but this one is WAY better because it's so creamy, buttery, and more natural looking on the skin. Would I recommend this product? Heck, yes! It's worth every single penny.

Can't get any EASIER

Francine | The Colony, Texas


Seriously I am not a professional makeup artist...I have learned most of what I do know from my girl friends. This is by far the easiest thing I have ever applied and now I am teaching those same girls an easier way. Work Smarter NOT Harder <3

If you get ANYTHING... get this

Michelle Pelletier | Wausau, Wisconsin


I ADORE this product! No more flat foundation look... my face had dimension. It's SO easy to use! I've shared this with so many friends of mine and they all LOOOOOOVE it.... not to mention it has lasted FOREVER! I would say you can expect to use it every day and have it last at least 9 months. Something I would never want to live without.

Fierce Fabulous Cheek Bones in seconds!

Judy East | Olive Branch, Mississippi


I just turned 50 two days ago! With Tyra beauty 50 is the new 30! I feel and look Fierce,Fabulous,badass and Bootyful! Thanks to Tyra's 2 minute tyover! These 2 little sticks took 20 years off my face! You must try it the difference is astonishing. The other tyovers are even more fabulous. They will blow you away! I was totally flabbergast it's a must have in every beauty bag ;)


Sherry Howe | Granite Shoals, Texas


I have always, always, always used base. I'm a redhead with freckles and if I didn't use anything else I used base but I tried the 2 minute tyover and couldn't believe that I was not using base. I looked hot and felt natural but still sexy and did not have to apply makeup base. It was so easy and fast plus fun. Yes I said applying makeup was fun. My face feels so fabulous not to mention how badass I look. Thank you Tyra for freeing me.


Shelby | Ishpeming, Michigan


I could never master the contour and highlighter trick. It always looked like too much or not enough. Using these together gets rid of the guesswork. Your cheeks look amazing and it gives you an effortless look in minutes. I love it!

Quick and Fresh

Crystal | Duluth, Minnesota


Perfect combo when short on time! Just enough to feel and look amazing!